Meet Our Ambassadors

This Ambassador is as cool as Ice…

Meet our newest Ambassador, Michael ‘Ice’ Hunt, who has joined the growing number of dedicated people who are helping to raise awareness of Disability Football in Sussex.

Michael had been a player in the league for many years until an injury, earlier this season, sadly halted his playing days.

He now concentrates fully on his coaching (he has a level 2) and playing a big part in helping to run Worthing FC Inclusive.

He says that he can’t wait to start spreading the word and show that the league, and all its clubs, are out there, ready to offer opportunities in disability football to everyone who wants to play the best game on the planet.

This Ambassador is a Keeper…

The Sussex Disability Football League are delighted to announce that Nina Wilson has joined Sophie Cook in becoming an Ambassador and will represent and promote the league, raising awareness of Disability Football in Sussex.

Nina is a young, local, professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for London City Lionesses in the FA Women’s Championship. Nina has made also made appearances for Brighton and Hove Albion (2014 -18), Lewes (2018) and Watford (2019). She has also had a recent stint in the Icelandic league. Nina started off playing in local Sussex leagues for many years and would love to give something back to grassroots football in the area.

Nina has become very interested in our league, and all that it stands for, and is relishing the opportunity of her new role. “I am very honoured to have been asked, and am really looking forward to seeing the league in action, and meeting lots of players, when it’s able to restart.”

Here is a little interview that Nina gave us:

SDFL   Hi Nina, do you have a favourite save, of all those that you have made?

NW      Weirdly I rarely remember the saves I make because I just think, well that is my job!

But I do always come back to a game I played against Charlton where I made a string of saves throughout and ended up with Man of the Match. My favourite saves are usually 1v1s and I made quite a few. It was my first full season as a first team goalkeeper, and it was nice to get that confidence boost and feel I belonged at that level.

SDFL    Who is the best player you have played with?

NW       The first player that comes to mind is Deanna Cooper. I was only 16 when I played at Brighton with her, and as my centre back she just brought such a calmness to the team and me. As an inexperienced GK, I really needed that assuredness and probably so did the team, so that stuck with me. She could not be faulted in anything she did and helped put me at ease starting out in the game. 

SDFL     What is the best ground you have played on?

NW        When I was at Brighton, we got to train at the Amex stadium for an open day. Just being on that pitch was unreal, it is like a carpet, and it was also really nice to be greeted by all the Brighton fans.

SDFL     Can you name your most difficult opponent?

NW        A few years ago for Brighton reserves I played against Fran Kirby when she was coming back from an injury. I think she only played like 30 minutes, but she scored 2 or 3 goals, and no one could get near her. It was also hard playing against Ini Umotong in training when I was at Brighton with her, like all good strikers she just made herself such a nuisance for GKs, she would be on your toes all the time and was so strong hassling you off the ball.

SDFL     Would you like to stay in football, as a coach or manager when you stop playing?

NW        For sure, I have already been a coach for about 4/5 years now and I love it! I am not particularly drawn to management, but I would like to move on to goalkeeper coaching and pass on some of my insights from playing.

SDFL     What advice could you give to all the goalkeepers in the Sussex Disability Football League?

NW        I could say so much on this, but the first thing that comes to mind is to remember that when there is a goal it means that all the players in front haven’t done their job properly either! So, you can’t think too much into it if you make a mistake. I think it is the hardest position on the pitch because it is easy to feel alone. But that also means goalkeepers are the bravest of all players because we take the most responsibility. So, remember to give yourself credit for that!

I do a lot of podcasts and interviews on goalkeeping and advice so if anyone is interested be sure to check them out on my socials!

Nina can be followed on Instagram and Twitter using: ninawilson99

Look out on the league’s social media sites for some great merchandise giveaways that Nina has kindly donated.  

This Ambassador cant stop winning…

We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to this superstar Chloe Kerr! There simply isn’t enough words to explain how much of a legend Chloe is.

Chloe joined us a shy player in the junior set up, a keeper that made a name for herself pulling saves out of nowhere. Fast forward 6 years and Chloe now players for an adults team, helps coach at training and match days AND volunteers when her team isn’t playing!

As if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Chloe is a keen ambassador for the league, spreading the word about Disability Football, attending and supporting several female teams matches, watches basketball games and STILL has enough time to win awards like in the picture above. Just WOW!

This Ambassador was with us from day one…

Without hesitation, Sophie said yes! We hardly had to ask Sophie to become our ambassador because she was already a huge supporter of disability football and inclusion in sport.

We got lucky really, because with Sophie came an enthusiasm for our league that we couldn’t have dreamed of. There simply isn’t a simple way of explaining the many talents of Sophie, from live speaking, writting, radio, comedy, photography and a talent for helping people.

Sophie’s book is a fantastic way to get to know our Ambassador. Please click the link below to buy your very own copy: