Training Talks

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Sussex Disability Football League Chairman, Steve Atkins, and his walking partner, Tom Gallagher, recently got together on their first training walk to talk about the challenge they face.

They recorded their conversation and Steve explained what the walk is all about. Here it is for your listening pleasure.

Talking the talk – episode one

Worthing Town To Kick Us Off

We are made up that our friends at Worthing Town FC are going to send us off in style. CEO Pauline Fox has this to say:

“I am delighted that Steve has chosen to start this amazing walk from Worthing Town FC where as a club we see inclusion as part of everyday life, especially in football. Disability takes so many forms, many invisible, therefore not noticed by other people. Football should be available to everyone with or without a disability. Let’s fly that flag for disability, raise people’s awareness and hopefully raise sufficient funds to support the league that in turn supports people with a disability to play football”