The Chairman Wins An Award

Steve Atkins Wins The Spirit Of Grassroots Football Award 2021

Steve is the chairman of the Sussex Disability Football League, but he is way more than that, he is the Spirit of the league and i cant think of an award better than the Grassroots Spirit of the year! Steve works full tiem, running his own business but somehow finds times to think of new initiatives, new ideas, new partnerships and new fundraising opportunities for the league. If you meet Steve it will only take you that one meeting to realise his passion and spirit to ensure his players are happy and healthy.

In the last year, the disability league has been unable to play for 14 months due to Covid, however Steve has made the league thrive during this time despite no football being played. He started the Disability League Podcast as a way of bringing the league, coaches and players together. They have been a huge hit, especially to the players. Steve also took on a Mental Health Walk for Mind Charity, he did this to raise awareness of disability football…he walked for hours and hours with a smile on his face, it was incredible. Steve also secured a new league ambassador, ex Brighton Women’s player Nina Wilson.

Steve’s role as chairman is to chair meetings and ensure the league runs successfully, but Steve takes this role very seriously and not only attends but also runs each and every matchday. Steve will ensure the players who sometimes strugle have someone to talk to and have opportunities they didn’t think possible. Steve is the Heart and soul of this league and continuously strives to make it a better place for people with a disability.

Steve organised for a Disability League Flaag to be made and he then personally delivered the flag to many clubs and players around the county in hope of getting people to “wave the flag for disability”,in the hope of raising awareness again of disability and our league. He has also travelled over an hour to deliver a competition prize to one of the players, nothing is too much for Steve, he makes the perfect candidate for spirit of the year award.

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