New Season, New Respect

As we approach the new season I would like to introduce you all to The FA’s new Respect Campaign which is linked very closely to our own personal league Respect Campaign.

This season will see a new attitude towards Respect. Gone are the days of slide tackling, shouting at referees, team mates and coaches. This season, team Captains will lead by example, ensuring Respect and Positive Attitudes on match days are displayed by all team mates and all times.

A Respect Award will be given out at the End of Season Presentation for the team who shows the most Respect during the season.

I will also be found on the pitch at all match day fixtures to watch all games should anyone have any questions with regards to Respect. Please come and find me as I will be happy to talk to you.

This is YOUR game and YOUR chance to make a difference in YOUR team!

Be sure to watch the  Respect Video below:

Steve Atkins,
Respect Ambassador

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