Our Pledge- “Football is Everyone’s Game”


As part of the Sussex County FA Disability Football Pledge Project we are now rolling out our very own campaign;  “Football is Everyone’s Game”   #LIKE #SHARE and #TALK

Sussex County FA, working in partnership with Active Sussex, University of Brighton, Together Wellbeing and Albion in the Community, would like to invite all football clubs in the county to take part and lead the way with a Disability Football Pledge.

The Pledge Project is a way of raising awareness about the current opportunities within Disability Football and to provide further prospects for players, coaches and spectators. Although there are many opportunities in and around Sussex for players with disabilities, there is, by far, not enough.

Taking part in the pledge is easy; clubs can make a pledge that suits the needs and ambitions of the club itself. The pledge can be as big or small as the club decides and each contribution will raise the awareness of the disability game, providing further opportunities for players with disabilities and making football accessible to all.



Our Pledge
“To provide Football related opportunities to players, volunteers and spectators with a disability here in Sussex” 






“Football is Everyone’s Game”  is aimed at engaging with the local community to help us share our story and all the things that we do here at the league. We want to advertising and promoting our league and the clubs associated with the league so that players, volunteers, referees and coaching with disabilities who want to get involved in football can!

Jade Harker (League Secretary) had this to say about the Campaign “We want everyone in Sussex to know about our league, we want everyone in Sussex to know what opportunities we can offer, We want everyone in Sussex to know that no matter what age, gender or ability, if you have a disability then you are welcome at the SDFL and there is an opportunity waiting for you”!

Jess Barnes (Assistant League Secretary) added this about the campaign “I believe you’re just differently abled and its not that you cant but how”.   We will be using the “Football is Everyone Game” picture cards like the ones above to help share details of our league and hopefully get more and more people playing #DisabilityFootball

So when you see the Campaign, please like it, share it, Retweet it and most of all talk about it! 

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