Player of the Year Award- David Wilson

It has been an extremely tough decision this year with three players who have really excelled and have all been noticed by the league officials and referees.

Firstly, before I announce the winner, I would like to say a huge well done to Bonnie and Roni from Lawn Court who were both nominated and have been recognised for their hard work, effort, commitment and all round good personalities.

The player of the year award’s coach had this to say about them “Its people like this player that drew me into disability football and helps me keep my enthusiasm to ensure players feel good about themselves and have enjoyment when playing football”

This player has been with our club now for 14 years, they are a regular at training and at the Sussex tournaments, rarely missing either. Football only seems to missed when they are active at their other passions of Judo or skiing which is often overseas.

Although this player has got a mean reputation as a defender and not many forwards get past them, It is however as a goalkeeper that they shine like a star. This player has resolute determination to keep the ball out of their goal and indeed every special save made is celebrated in “goal scoring” fashion with a special smile and arms raised in the air. It is an absolute joy to watch.

This player is a very popular player at our club and we are so proud of what have achieved and their passion to train and improve. This player epitomises the spirit of their club and the Sussex disability league.

This player is supported by “Team Wilson” Mary and Alan Wilson who play an active role in supporting today’s winner in everything he does….

Well done David Wilson from 1066 Specials.

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