A Visit from our Chairman

As a league we are hoping to get out to visit our clubs more often to offer face to face support. We are not just a league that provides football fixtures once a month, we want our clubs to know that we are here to support them along their journey.

Our Welfare Officer Ian Burlinson and Assistant League Secretary Jess Barnes had recently visited “The Village” training session and now we hear from our Chairman Steve Atkins after his visit to “1066 Specials”

A big thank you to 1066 Specials for looking after me during my visit to their training sessions on Saturday (April 28th)

From the moment Fiona signed me in to when I shook Paul Anderson’s hand in the car park, after everyone had left, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Training sessions are held at Bexhill College, on the impressive 3G pitch. The adults go first and get going at 9.30am. I was honoured to be asked to help out ( I brought my boots, just in case !) and worked along side the club’s division one squad, who are coached by the two Pauls and Nick. Brian took charge of the club’s championship team down at the other end of the pitch and even from where I was standing I could see that they were working hard and having a good time.

The division one session was fast paced, well organised and extremely enjoyable. It concluded with an exciting match, full of great moves and fantastic goal celebrations!

The junior session followed the adults’ and started at 11am. After watching a fun warm up, led by coaches Mark, Luke and Charley I was asked to take part again and soon found myself being taught the art of the push pass by young Ollie. There was also a match to end this session and all the players showed a lot of skill and teamwork in a closely contested 1-1 draw.

I was made to feel very welcome by all the coaches and players and had an absolute blast of a time. It is so obvious that the club provide a superb football experience in a happy, safe and relaxed environment and I will remember the infectious noise during the sessions for a long while.

Steve 🙂

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