An Honest Award!

This week we thought we would share a recent good news story with you all to remind us that a little honesty can go along way!

At a recent disability league fixture, one of the shy junior players, Onslow found a £5 note, instead of keeping the money he decided he would be honest. He handed the money other to the leagues chairman, Steve Atkins and Steve told him that if nobody claimed the money then at the next set of fixtures Onslow could have it himself.

At the next set of fixtures Steve asked Matt Major (Our leagues biggest supporter), if he would like to present Onslow with his prize, Matt not only gave Onslow back his five pounds but, to Onslow’s delight and surprise said he would match it himself and so awarded ‘honest’ Onslow 2 five pound notes for being so honest and respectful!

Well done Onslow!



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