Respect Reminder

Each season the leagues number one priority is Respect. Quite simply put, without respect we would not have a game. So we would like to give you a little Respect Reminder:

Each month when players, coaches and parents attend the leagues fixtures we encourage you to show respect in anyway you possibly can. Players are encouraged to shake hands with the opposition, welcome new team mates, thank their referee and do all they can to earn their team some respect points.


Our Chairman Steve is our lead Respect Officer and we have an army of Respect Ambassadors who are around on the day watching, supporting and encouraging respect.  Our Referees give our respect marks to teams which go towards the seasons respect table, where a winner will be awarded the prestigious respect trophy at the Awards event. Last years worthy winners AITC Blue set a very high standard last year and its fantastic to see more teams following in their footsteps.

We aim to increase the standards as the season goes on and referees will now only score teams the maximum 10 points if they have been outstanding in their attitude and effort on match days and away from match days. Teams that are joint top of tables in the league and the cup will then be decided by Respect points before goal difference so you never know how important one bad decision could be to your teams final standings at the end of the season.

Please see below the teams who have 100% record so far this season. There are many teams not named below who have a near 100% record so the fight to the top is going to be a close one this year:


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