Award Winning Tate!

Tate is an 11 year old girl who absolutely loves playing football, just like many other females within Sussex. Tate is also a left arm amputee.

In the lead up to The FA’s “Girls Football Week” Initiative we spoke to Tate and her mum Jools to find out a little more about Tate and her passion for Football.

Jools had this to say about Tate “Tate loves all sports, especially football and we have previously taken her along to a development centre at the same local club to where her older brother plays.


However she only attended a handful of times as most of the time she was the only girl there and the boys didn’t want to pass to her”

“The opportunity then arose for Tate to attend an after school club run by Albion in the Community (AITC) and she absolutely loved these sessions. Tate then attended a 2 week trial at the Eastbourne invitation centre in October 2017 and it was here that we found out about the AITC disability program – since then we haven’t looked back”

“I can categorically say that this has totally changed Tate’s world”

Jools also went on to say that “Tate is a completely different person to the person she was just 6 months ago and she no longer feels isolated. She loves playing football and being a part of a team and after several years of physical & physiological bullying about her disability her confidence has increased tremendously”

“Tate is happier now than we have ever seen her and to top it off her grades at school have doubled to what they were when she was tested in October and her teacher cannot believe the difference in a short space of time”

“all we can put it down to is her attending AITC sessions and playing football in the Sussex Disability Football League which is her passion”

We were also fortunate enough to hear from Tate herself who said “Playing Football for AITC makes me feel happy and playing in the SDFL helps me improve my football. I’ve made lots of new friends. And I also like it because I don’t feel different and no one gives me funny looks or makes fun of me, Im happy”

Tate has also recently won an award with Albion In The Community at the Brighton and Hove Football Clubs Awards Evening. This is a fantastic achievement and very well deserved. Tate even got to meet her football idols from Brighton and Hove Ladies FC . To read more about Tates Award and to view an eye opening video of Tate, please click here. 

League Secretary, Jade Harker had this to add “Having personally seen the joy Tate and other players get from playing fixtures at our league I can honestly say that it makes everything so worthwhile and I whole heartedly encourage more females, of all ages, to come along and get involved”

If you are female and would like to begin your journey as a player , coach or referee within disability football, please contact Jade Harker on the following email


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