Winter Winners

Its time to find out who are crowned mini champions…

It has been a tight fight in the lead up to the final set of fixtures of 2018 which are also the final fixtures of the second mini league of the season!  All teams in Division 1, Championship and Premiership have been working hard to secure points to see them rise up the ranks of the table and we are now ready to announce this rounds winners:

Premiership- Fit4 the Village Pink

Championship- Fit4 the Village Yellow

Division 1- Crawley Town Flyers Blue


Congratulations to Fit4 The Village Pink who came top of their table having won 3 games, drawing 1 and loosing 1. It was a worthy win after coming up against some very challenging teams in Lawn Court, 1066 Specials  and Crawley United. This division will only strengthen in the third round of mini leagues.


The Champ division proved to be the closest of all the divisions with AITC Orange and Fit4 The Village Yellow both finishing on an equal 8 points and AITC Blue just missing out finishing on 7 points. If that wasnt close enough then things got even more tense when it came to deciding the between AITC Orange and Fit4 The Village Yellow.

If we were deciding points on Goal Difference like we have done in previous years then AITC Orange would be crowned the winners with a total of +7 GD compared to Fit4 The Village GD of +5, however this season has seen respect become an integral part of our league and therefore the deciding vote before GD goes to the respect scores.

Again it was nearly too tight to tell but after adding up the results of the Respect scores Fit4 The Village were crowned the winners having just pipped AITC Orange to the title with an additional 1 respect point.

Congratulations to both team on their performance and an additional mention to both of these teams for both having very remarkable respect scores so far this season!


Division 1 

All teams in this division were outstanding in their respect scores and watching some of the games has been an absolute delight. Having played so well in the last few fixtures, East Grinstead were sadly unable to attend this months fixtures which then saw the opposition come away with all three points. 1066 Specials played well throughout all of their games and AITC Green deserve a huge shout out for playing their fixtures with a smile on their faces at all times!

Crawly Town Flyers Blue and Crawly Town Flyers Yellow both came top of their respective tables and it was then decided that Crawley Town Flyers would be promoted to the Championship level in the third and final round of mini leagues in March.

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